5G for Business

5G Can Help Transform Your Business.

Companies are perpetually trying to gain a few points of margin or introduce an innovative new product. But sometimes incremental advantage is more about figuring out how to attract and service customers in new and better ways. Many may look at 5G from a consumer perspective — simply as a way to improve download speeds for smartphones. The reality is that 5G holds far more opportunity for businesses than consumers. History has already shown how 4G LTE transformed companies and entire industries — 5G will be just as transformative.



Versatile High Performance

There has traditionally been a tradeoff between versatility and performance. Wireless WAN offers tremendous versatility but hasn't matched the throughput performance of fiber connections. 5G is mitigating that tradeoff by rivaling the performance of fiber but offering the versatility of wireless. Here are some of the use cases that promise to help organizations transform their products and services.

  • Full traffic failover for larger sites
  • A/R customer experience
  • Wireless industrial operations
  • Private LTE / 5G
  • Autonomous service robots
  • Massive IoT deployment
  • All wireless for larger sites
  • Contained autonomous driving
  • Machine video recognition
  • Mobile expert diagnosis/treatment
  • Massive asset management
  • Network slicing


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5G Performance

Besides significantly better download and upload speeds, 5G offers much lower latency and new capabilities like network slicing and multi-access edge computing.

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Cradlepoint-Class Connectivity

As an established market leader, Cradlepoint is known for providing exceptional wireless WAN connectivity. The 5G solution uses Cradlepoint’s proprietary wireless software and algorithms to establish and optimize wireless connections.

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4G LTE Failback

4G LTE and Gigabit-Class LTE will be the primary failback technology for 5G. Both connections will be live making the failback a seamless experience.


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Sub-6 Spectrum Band

Cradlepoint’s first 5G offering will support the Sub-6 spectrum band which has widespread global network operator support. Subsequent Cradlepoint offerings will support mmWave bands.

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Internal and External Formfactors

The Cradlepoint 5G solution offers a choice of internal or external adapters. The external adapter will provide superior connectivity for many businesses and will include a smart phone installation application to optimize positioning of the adapter.  

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Cradlepoint Router Integration

When paired with a Cradlepoint router the 5G adapter is managed in Cradlepoint’s NetCloud platform as an integrated modem simplifying management and providing greater insights and analytics.




Pathway to 5G

Unlike prior cellular generations, 5G is made up of a collection of new technologies, new spectrum, and new infrastructure that will roll out in phases. However, businesses should not wait until all 5G elements become mature. There is a Pathway to 5G that starts today.

The 5G for Business Guidebook

Most technology experts agree that 5G will be as disruptive as 4G was — at the very least. Wireless WAN applications that are good with 4G will be great with 5G, and applications that couldn’t be run with 4G are now feasible in 5G.

5G FAQ’s

Looking for answers about 5G technology? Browse our 5G FAQs page.

The Pathway to 5G Workshop

The Pathway to 5G Workshop

The Pathway to 5G Workshop

Cradlepoint is offering a personalized half-day, in-person consulting workshop that is designed to help CIOs and senior IT leaders take advantage of emerging Gigabit-Class LTE and 5G services within their next-generation WAN strategies. This workshop will educate leaders on the underlying wireless spectrum and technologies that provide the foundation for these new services, as well as the published rolled-out plans for major carriers—including upcoming 5G market launches.