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IoHT Challenges & Opportunities

The Internet of Healthcare Things is transforming the way medical providers promote healthy lifestyles to the well and diagnose and treat the sick. The benefits of IoHT include a reduction in the cost of care (and thus the potential to slow down the rate of medical premium increases), a healthier general population, better outcomes for the sick, and the ability of older people to receive care in their homes instead of at the hospital.

Industry Groups Coordinate Cyber Threat Information Sharing

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Last fall, Cradlepoint CSO Kent Woodruff wrote a blog post about Adam Shostack’s theme for his opening address at 2014 BSidesLV. Shostack spoke at length about “information sharing as the ultimate act of self-preservation.” The exponential rise in criminal intrusions into public and private databases in the recent past has precipitated the creation of a number of information sharing organizations by both the private and public sectors.

Part 3: Cradlepoint + Zscaler Defeats Specific Security Threats

In Part 1 of this series (Part One: Why are Branch Offices so Vulnerable?), I looked at some of the reasons why branch offices are so vulnerable to data breaches. In Part 2, (The changing face of malicious attacks), the topic was the new forms these attacks are taking. In Part 3, I’d like to talk about how the solution Cradlepoint has developed with Zscaler defeats these new attempts to access corporate networks.