Bringing Mobility to Healthcare

Network mobility is the biggest opportunity for healthcare in today’s technology-driven market. Important trends for patient care include mobile clinics, serving patients in their home, ambulatory applications, and traveling doctors that bring their own network to clinics to provide care.


Solutions for Healthcare




Secure Networking Solutions for Healthcare

New paradigms in healthcare IT promise care providers superior care with greater flexibility. The growth of LTE networks now lets medical professionals sever traditional ties to the office and use high-speed, reliable connectivity to enable key wellness programs and bring advanced care to patients anywhere and everywhere.

CHALLENGE: Bringing healthcare to the patient

SOLUTION: LTE for wireless connectivity at the network's edge

Cradlepoint's NetCloud Service for mobile delivers always-on connectivity through ruggedized and semi-ruggedized routers. This feature-rich service enables the latest in LTE connectivity and helps organizations bring healthcare to patients when and where it’s needed most.


CHALLENGE: Network access for healthcare on the move

SOLUTION: In-vehicle networks for ambulatory and mobile clinic care

In-vehicle networking solutions are changing the way providers deliver healthcare — whether it's mobile clinics and blood drives or life-saving care during emergencies.


CHALLENGE: Secure and reliable connectivity for healthcare IoT

SOLUTION: Reliable and cloud-managed LTE for self-service kiosks

M2M-IoT network solutions help organizations provide self-service kiosks that allow patients to easily check in for an appointments, make payments, and gather important information. These services speed up processes, reduce staff workload, and increase patient satisfaction.


CHALLENGE: Reliable network access in critical healthcare environments

SOLUTION: Wireless failover for branch continuity

In clinics and doctor offices, network failover is critical for preventing downtime and providing efficiency in patient diagnosis and care. Healthcare IT departments leverage highly reliable and flexible LTE as an overlay failover solution — accommodating the convergence of wired and wireless networks within legacy network architectures.