Network Solutions for Transportation


Solutions for Transportation

Transportation technology has developed rapidly over the past decade, and wireless connectivity has played a large role in this. Fleets now require reliable and always-available Internet connectivity to keep up with these innovations, and to enable improved productivity, fleet management, and extended services for passengers and public servants.

The benefits delivered by an in-vehicle network are diverse and numerous. These applications can lead to value-added passenger services, streamlined work processes, increased fleet security, and access to essential information on the road or rail.

There are a multitude of connectivity options available for in-vehicle networking solutions. Boasting an extensive list of safety and hardening certifications, Cradlepoint's NetCloud Service for branch and purpose-built mobile routers are tailor-made for transportation networks.


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“With NetCloud Manager, it takes us about five minutes to load the update, press a button, and update the entire fleet.”

Rhonda Sauceda, an IT department Project Coordinator, City of Boise


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Managing the fleet network on a tight budget.



NetCloud Manager for remote deployment, troubleshooting, and more.




Protecting privacy, passengers and important data.



Cradlepoint 4G LTE solutions, cloud-based security services.


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