Network Solutions for Transportation


Solutions for Transportation

Transportation technology has developed rapidly over the past decade, and wireless connectivity has played a large role in this. Fleets now require reliable and always-available Internet connectivity to keep up with these innovations, and to enable improved productivity, fleet management, and extended services for passengers and public servants.

The benefits delivered by an in-vehicle network are diverse and numerous. These applications can lead to value-added passenger services, streamlined work processes, increased fleet security, and access to essential information on the road or rail.

There are a multitude of connectivity options available for in-vehicle networking solutions. Boasting an extensive list of safety and hardening certifications, Cradlepoint solutions are purpose-built to for transportation networks.


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“With NetCloud Manager, it takes us about five minutes to load the update, press a button, and update the entire fleet.”

Rhonda Sauceda, an IT department Project Coordinator, City of Boise

K-12 In-Vehicle Solutions

K-12 In-Vehicle Solutions

Solutions for Public Transportation

Solutions for Public Transportation



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Managing the fleet network on a tight budget.



NetCloud Manager for remote deployment, troubleshooting, and more.




Protecting privacy, passengers and important data.



Cradlepoint 4G LTE solutions, cloud-based security services.


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The next generation of in-vehicle connectivity embraces 4G LTE solutions that are ruggedized, cost-efficient, highly secure, and can be monitored and managed remotely from the cloud. The future of fleet networks are platforms that accommodate present day applications while possessing the flexibility and scalability to swiftly respond to fleet growth and ever-changing in-vehicle network needs.


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Today’s libraries and schools often need a network that reaches beyond the confines of the campus, but wired Internet can’t go where students and library patrons sometimes need connectivity the most. Increasingly, instruction and homework rely on Internet access, which can presents challenges to students who deal with long commute times.