Enabling SD-WAN and advanced routing for Cradlepoint’s industry-leading LTE routers

Enabling SD-WAN and advanced routing for Cradlepoint’s industry-leading LTE routers

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NetCloud OS


Digital transformation demands a Network Edge that is always available, flexible, and agile. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud OS (NCOS) is available through the NetCloud platform, and it offers advanced routing and security features for branch, mobile, and M2M/IoT—and seamlessly connects to NetCloud Manager for zero-touch and Day-1 deployments.

NCOS’s advanced VPN and encryption provides better security for local and remote connections from IKEv2 with mobile to Suite B Compliance, NCOS has the features to keep the network secure. NCOS also supports optional services such as IDS/IPS and content filtering that deliver basic Unified Threat Management (UTM) for today’s business-critical networks.

Connection Manager, Smart WAN Selection, and Auto-QoS deliver SD-WAN functionality optimized for multi-WAN deployments—combining wired and LTE to enable automated management and reduce costs.

NCOS is consistently updated through the NetCloud platform so your business-critical enterprise networks are always secure. This creates a flexible, always available infrastructure for branch offices, vehicles, or M2M/IoT devices—or a combination of all three.

Key Features:

  • Multi-WAN capability, including best-in-class failover experience
  • Cloud managed with NetCloud Manager
  • Integrated SD-WAN
  • NetCloud Perimeter Gateway
  • Advanced routing and VPN technology
  • Advanced application-aware firewall
  • Extensibile through the SDK

Pervasive Connectivity with 4G LTE

Industry-leading 4G LTE and best-in-class multi-WAN experience.

  • World’s first suite of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) routing platforms
  • Rich multi-WAN capability: active-active, load balancing, active-passive
  • Fully diverse Out-of-Band Management (OOBM) for advanced management of remote places and things
  • Failover between Wireless and Wired WANs for 99.99% uptime

Secure Your Network

Mitigate security threats on your network with hardened security features of NetCloud OS.

  • Powerful Application Aware, Zone-based, Stateful Firewall
  • Rich suite of supported VPN technologies
  • NSA Suite B Cryptography Compliance with IKEv2 Support
  • Intrusion Prevention and Detection with CP Secure Threat Management
  • Create flexible, secure Virtual Cloud Networks with NetCloud Perimeter

Crucial Enterprise Routing

Advanced routing and security features increase productivity and business continuity for enterprise networks.

  • More Advanced VPN and Tunneling Protocols: OpenVPN (SSL VPN); IPSec with IKEv2 (mobile support)
  • NEMO (NEtwork MObility) / DMNR (Dynamic Mobile Network Routing from Verizon)
  • WiFi: WiFi as WAN and WiFi client mode

Integrated SD-WAN

WAN Affinity

Optimize use of multiple WAN interfaces with policy-based traffic steering.

  • Provide real-time quality of service by steering voice and video traffic over MPLS and data over broadband
  • Alleviate network congestion by load balancing bulk data across multiple Ethernet links
  • Manage the cost of metered link by blocking guest network traffic on LTE with no failover

Cradlepoint WAN Affinity diagram


Connection Manager

Advanced multi-WAN connection management for Active-Active, Active-Passive, and Active-Dynamic WAN configurations with best-in-class LTE integration.

  • Prevent data overages costs on metered connections
  • Easily configure Active-Dynamic policies for Smart WAN Selection and more
  • Get more bandwidth by using multiple links simultaneously with load balance and always-on features
  • Pro-active modem management ensures the LTE connection is always ready

Cradlepoint Connection Manager screen shot


Smart WAN Selection (SWANS)

Intelligently monitor primary WAN link performance and provide smart, automated failover when your primary WAN connection degrades based on preset metrics—latency, jitter, signal strength, data usage.

  • Best-in-class SD-WAN functionality for environments with LTE and WiFi-as-WAN connections
  • Optimizes WAN link for primary application: Improved application performance & better customer experience
  • Increased WAN reliability and availability means increased business continuity
  • Smooth transition between links with Smart Disconnect

Cradlepoint SWANS diagram


Auto-QoS: Automatic Quality of Service

Automatically prioritize real-time user interactive traffic when network congestion occurs.

  • Optimize network traffic, such as voice and video, over bulk traffic, such as email and file transfer
  • Ensures the best possible application experience for users
  • No manual QoS configuration by network admin required

Cradlepoint Auto QoS diagram

Centralized, Cloud-Based Management of NetCloud OS through NetCloud Manager

Rapidly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically distributed locations with NetCloud Manager.

How to Buy

NetCloud OS is preloaded onto all Cradlepoint routers. The features available on each router model may vary. Please consult the individual router Specifications tab for supported features.

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Upgrading NetCloud OS is Easy

Keeping your version of NetCloud OS up-to-date is important for the security and availability of your network. To upgrade NetCloud OS, you can easily upgrade groups of devices via NetCloud Manager or individually through the local router UI.