Visio Health

Visio Health Instantly Isolates & Secures IoT Data on Diagnostic Telemedicine Carts


Visio Health’s clinical-grade diagnostic telemedicine carts are a prime example of how IoT is shaping healthcare. This type of leading-edge technology requires an equally next-generation networking solution that ensures reliable connectivity and security, and efficient management from anywhere.

Visio deployed Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT, which includes edge computing, SD-Perimeter technology for device-to-cloud security, and cloud configuration and troubleshooting through an IoT gateway with embedded LTE.

Now it takes Visio just minutes to create a perimeter-secured overlay network over the Internet, with intelligent WAN path selection and single-pane-of-glass management.


With headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, Visio Health specializes in telemedicine operations management. The company helps healthcare providers identify telemedicine applications, select technology, define workflows, acquire equipment and software, incorporate staff and processes, and operate programs.

Visio Health partners with its clients to incorporate telemedicine capabilities into their mainline delivery of care. Customers include skilled nursing facilities, occupational health clinics, corrections facilities, hospitals, and others.


One of Visio’s most popular services is diagnostic telemedicine carts, which are medical workstations on wheels. Each of these battery-powered carts includes a PC, at least one monitor, and specialized telemedicine software. The software communicates with FDA-classified medical devices such as stethoscopes, otoscopes, vital signs monitors, ultrasound devices, blood glucose monitors, and ECG machines. Visio also features a smaller version of the cart, contained within a portable case.

Visio deploys its telemedicine carts throughout the U.S., giving physicians real-time medical information via two-way conferencing. For instance, an off-site specialist can remotely look through an ear or nose device as if he or she were actually in the room with the patient.

Visio uses its back-end network management software, proprietary scripts, and suites of diagnostic tools to automate the monitoring of IoT devices. When a problem arises, an internal service desk ticket is immediately sent to the IT team  —  often before the end user even knows something is wrong.

For healthcare practitioners, the key to telemedicine is the ability to confidently diagnose just as if they were in the room — and that’s only possible with reliable, high-quality audio and video. It’s especially difficult in rural areas.

“Until now, there hasn’t been a good solution for this type of telemedicine technology. It would have required extensive network architecture and would have been incredibly expensive to construct,” said Anthony Stanley, VP of operations and technology at Visio Health.

Additionally, with many rural healthcare locations lacking on-site IT specialists, it was essential that Visio find a connectivity solution that could be deployed easily and managed remotely.

“Cradlepoint is doing for Edge Networking what VMWare did for the data center,” Stanley said.


To meet its diverse set of needs, Visio selected a comprehensive solution: Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service for IoT, which includes edge computing, SD-Perimeter technology for device-to-cloud security, and cloud configuration and troubleshooting, all delivered via an IoT gateway with embedded LTE, 24x7 support, and a limited lifetime warranty.

Visio quickly and simply isolates IoT data over perimeter-secured overlay networks — and remotely monitors and manages everything through a single pane of glass.



With cloud-managed routers on each cart, SD-WAN features allow Visio to set policies that intelligently and automatically steer traffic between Ethernet, 4G LTE, and WiFi-as-WAN. This offers high availability and improved data speeds.

Traditionally, each WAN source and device would require complex, laborious configurations. Today, NetCloud does all of that work automatically.

“Our Cradlepoint solution ensures we always have the best connection, in terms of quality, speed and price — and it all happens in an automated fashion,” Stanley said.


Visio uses Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Perimeter feature, which leverages SD-Perimeter technology, to easily and almost instantly brings all of its carts into a single IP space, rendering static IPs unnecessary. Even hosts without publicly addressable IPs can privately and securely share data.

“One engineer actually coined the term ‘Cart Area Network,’ because each device lives beyond the router with its own referenceable, persistent IP address—and all delivered through NetCloud,” Stanley said.

NetCloud Perimeter provides end-to-end encryption, certificate-based authentication, and machine authentication across a fully cloaked IP address space. It’s a completely private network over the public Internet.


NetCloud collapses Visio’s multi-faceted network infrastructure pieces — including perimeter-secured overlay networks, SD-WAN traffic steering, configurations, firmware updates, firewall transversal, encryption, and more — into one cloud management platform.

“With Cradlepoint, we’ve been able to condense all of our network admin duties into a single pane of glass,” Stanley said.


Failure to protect patient and credit card data can be incredibly harmful to those involved, as well as disastrous for any healthcare organization’s reputation.

Compliance with HIPAA and PCI guidelines requires rigorous vigilance beyond what any solution can provide. However, a cloud-managed, software-defined approach with end-to-end encryption through Cradlepoint allows Visio Health to give its customers a flexible system that’s ready-made for a wide variety of security-minded best practices.